Hi, I’m Snooby.

I come from central Italy and I started being interested in Graffiti around the age of 14. I’ve always been fascinated by everything related to art in general and since I was a child I’ve always had a great passion for comics.

Around 2006 I painted my first Graffiti, thanks to some friends who were fans of Rap AND Hip-Hop culture.
Obviously, coming from a small reality, like my area, I’ve always had to try to move around and get to know as many people as possible to always have new stimuli.

Over time I changed several names, writing Swiz, Snob, ‘O Track, Crash, Racket, Teckno and so on. I believe that changing letters every now and then is fundamental in the path of every writer who wants to evolve to unlock new forms, ideas and fantasies.

I can’t define my style, over the years I started from a simple lettering and then evolved into more elaborate styles.
I believe that everyone has their own personal tastes, but whoever is part of this world knows how to distinguish between a good and bad graffiti. There would be too many Writers to mention so I’ll just say that the ones I prefer the most are in my crew and in my circle of friends! LoL

Currently I am part of two Crews: Obr (from Germany) and F.Lines (from Italy)

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