HELLO! My name is SNUZ

I am from Greece and I’ve been Writing Graffiti Since 2003. I remember myself drawing since my youngest age and it was around 10 years old that I discovered Graffiti. I noticed the different Styles in Graffiti Letters and how I could recognize each writers work only by that, I decided to create my own Style by drawing letters based on Graffiti Magazines and Books I got my hands on at the time. I was so driven by the idea of creating a Style that will make people recognize my Work back then and that same feeling follows my work today. I painted my first piece in my backyard when I was twelve and I spend a whole Summer painting inside and outside my House before I went out to the Streets.

In my early years I got Inspired by Style Writers From Greece like Jasone, Raiden, Zap, Ioye, and many more that I admire even today! In the later years I really loved Does, Sofles, Mikael B, Askew and many others work and they all have inspired me also in their own way to make my Style, I also like to take notes from Abstract Art and types of Art outside Graffiti and mix them into my own style.

My goal as a graffiti writer is first to have fun doing what I love the most, meeting interesting people through this journey, and travel around the world painting!


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