My name is SOAKE from NVS, currently residing in the vibey Coastal city of CapeTown, Southern Africa. I have been painting for 9 years. 

I started looking at the graffiti scene at a very young age by a massive influence of my older brother, NAUSE, and being fascinated by all of my friends getting their names up in the area. 

The first production that gave me that graffiti bug was done in Johannesburg on the day of my15th birthday with some of my current crew mates. 

I’ve always loved the old-school funk styled burners and regional styles that were brought up back in the day, but also I always look for evolution and keeping an eye on the guys at the pinacle of modern graffiti styles ,like the few crews I think really are pushing that edge: DHS, SBB, TMDs, MSK & ABM  and of coarse staying influenced with techniques learned with my crewmates. 

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