I write Sored One and based in Shah Alam City, 30 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I started doing graffiti in 2007. My first encounter with graffiti is when I was 16, I used to buy skate magazine that had a lot of graffiti piece in the background and I realized that I’m more interested at the graff more than the skate picture itself and the rest is history. What keeps me hooked to graff is that I think there’s a lot of styles and composition that need to explorer and the endless of possibilities in lettering.

I describe my style as a clean, compact composition, basic letter structure withoverall symmetrical shapes but sometimes I like to freestyle just to keep it spontaneous. Shout to NENOK ONE, NUKE UNO, ASKOE, BLOB, NEWBA and KEAS. Whats good fam!

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