Spark – I come from Paris and love my city. Starting tagging in 1995 and Spark in 1996. I’m active, non stop for 25years, never a break ! I’m not an artist but an obsessional and addict vandal. Do only tags, only street. Most of my tags are alone, during the daytime, not so many vandal sessions. My crews are XIT (yo Puls) & DAT (big up Kay1). Not the best handstyler at all but i try to do clean and aggressive tags easily recognisable, with my own sharped style… hope with visual impact. I choose my street spots with that equation : best visibility/best long time remaining.
O’Clock was the king to me during end of the 90’s (snitch or not).132 brang a new style with up level at this period in Paris (around 97/98), Vmd, TPK and GT too…But presently I really admire Sicoer & Kanser style, also my bro Burs… Big up the all true passionate writers, fuck the other… Peace from Paris

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