We got the chance to link up with GRAB FDC on his home turf in Miami as he rocked this fresh wall, and talked to us a bit about his graff!

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Final Pic:

Grab Interview:

What do you write and when did you start writing?

Yow this is Grab FDC Crew Miami. I’ve been doing graffiti since 1998. So about 20 year now.

How did you first get involved with graffiti?

I first got started with graff through a friend of mine in school, he was in my class and I noticed for all his homework assignment he had this cool hip hop handwriting and I said yow you gotta teach me that. So it turns out he was a writer. And he gave me my first handstyle and throwies that I ran with for the first couple years till you know, me and my friend started practicing filling pieces and went on to other stuff.

What keeps you still writing/ involved with graffiti?

I guess we keeps me going with graffiti is that I want to improve, I wanna keep getting better. I see my friends and peers doing some dope stuff and it gets me hyped, gets me wanting to push it to the next level. And also the experiences you know, travelling, painting new places, finding new spots, painting with new people and new surroundings makes it all new and fresh, keeps it interesting. I also wanna inspire the next generation the same way I was inspired. You know when I was younger and I would see graffiti walls, or graffiti on trains or everywhere.

What inspires you and your graffiti?

I’m inspired by everything surrounding my life. When it comes to graffiti a lot of nostalgia, a lot of what I grew up on influences my graffiti. The video games, the comic books, the music is a big part too. I’m always listening to music when I’m drawing, or when I’m creating. It helps set the mood for what I’m doing.

How would you describe your style?

I want my pieces to reflect my style, reflect the culture. You know, being a beat boy also the style in beat boying is similar to the style in graffiti, you know it makes you unique. So describing my style I guess you would say that beat boy from the future, going back in time to 1985 Miami Vice to warn people about the robot apocalypse to come and to invest in arrows and laser guns, you know cause to battle these robots and aliens you gotta be ready for it, you know what I’m sayin. It’s a real life video game.

What was your process going into this piece, as in letter structure and color scheme?

I don’t really have a favorite color scheme, but I tend to lean toward some tropical colors. I think that’s influenced by my surroundings being down here in Florida, you know. As far as my process going into a piece, I like to sketch on the wall a lot. I’ll bring sketches but my piece don’t always look like the sketch I brought because I like to capture movement in the letters. I thinks that’s the Beat boy mentality in me. You know, I like the letters to be working with each other, supporting each other kinda moving off each other, kinda like the’re dancing. Yeah.

Whats your least favorite trend or type of graffiti?

I Guess my least type of graffiti or trending graffiti is just when writer try to imitate of emulate a look or a technique and they don’t practice their letters. They are practicing all these techniques they see to make it look like this or look like that guy’s piece and you’re not practicing the essence of graffiti which is the letter. Once you got your letters then yeah you can play around with techniques and make them look good, but you know try to make the letters look good first I guess.