Back again with another interview graff vid, this time with the homie SELEK 


Final pic:


What do you write and when did you start writing?

I’m Selek ADM Crew. I became aware of graffiti in the early 90’s, 92 maybe 93, when I was around twelve years old. That’s when I started graffiti and I thought I was a graffiti writer, but the first time I started writing on a wall was around 99, 2000. When I went to college I stopped for a bit, because I was out of Puerto Rico and so in 2003 was when I really, really, really started to dedicate myself to it, taking it more serious and painting more often.

How did you first get involved with graffiti?

I got involved with graffiti in grade six and seeing it around my city, like it just blew my mind seeing it all over the city. I took drawing classes and painting classes as a kid and the once I saw lgraffiti walls with all the colours, I was just like what is that? You can paint like that? It just blew my mind. So in grade 6 there was this girl who’s older brother was a graffiti artist, and she used to bring his black book to our class. So from an early age I had first hand view of a black book from someone who was painting in the streets. It really just captivated me as a kid, seeing the colours, and the letters, and all that stuff.

What keeps you still writing/ involved with graffiti?

Well it’s a challenge, i keep painting just trying to get better and understand it. I’ll outdo myself trying to get a better piece next time, and really trying to understand the letter structure and the science behind it. Graffiti is not easy as people think; you gotta put a lot of work into it. Once you’ve been doing it for a little while it’s like; since I’ve already come this far might as well keep going because there so much to do, so much to get involved with and there’s a lot of people doing great stuff out there. You just want to contribute and be out there and do as much as you can. It keeps you motivated and its fun to try to bend the letters a little bit more or see how you could perfect your font and have a better style, that’s what really motivates me.

What inspires you and your graffiti?

Ah basically real life, inspiration comes from everywhere, but I guess mostly from graphic design and typographic books and stuff like that. Early graffiti it’s also an inspiration, what people were doing in the late 70’s and early 80’s. The real old school styles that were developing into what we now know as graffiti, that really trigger something in me. And yea, just everyday life, like you know fashion, music and day-to-day living and stuff like that.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t have a word for it, I like to mix a lot of old school vibes and try to blend it with more contemporary aspects of graffiti. I really like good letter structure, where every letter can stand alone, like it has its own personality and its own power. If you put them apart they are going to stand alone and work on their own, that way when you put them all together you don’t have a weak letter in the word I think it’s like a semi-wild style but some people think it more wild style. I think it’s a pretty direct letter structure and then I just add some flair and some funk to it. Also important to have a good resemblance to the letter, so you could see that letter right there even though its been customized and more funky, it’s still the core of the letter.

What was your process going into this piece, as in letter structure and color scheme?

Well letter structure is like an evaluation of the sketches, it’s part of the moment. I have styles that grow as i keep painting. So it’s like roughly every three months to six months you’ll see a little bit of new stuff that I’ve adding to the style or that I’ve taken off and my style just progresses that way. I sketch a lot and I practice my sketches a lot and they just evolve through from repeating and repeating but at the same time you keep changing. Eventually it changes, I have so many sketch I just go to the wall and see how the wall speaks to me, I feel the sketch.

Whats your least favorite trend or type of graffiti?

Everybody has their own style and trends come and go, I just really like good, well painted pieces. I want to see people pushing themselves and doing great work.