Whether you’re into fine art, murals, bombing or anything in between, we offer 500+ colors of spray paint, and below is a breakdown of the brands we carry.

There is a few things that differs from each of our spray paint brands. Each brand has it’s own formula of pigments and each colour is quite unique. Molotow Premium has a lot of colours to pick from and many of those are not available in other brands.

The price varies as well, and to some, that is the main factor that determines which brand to choose from. Dang is the best for it’s price. In terms of quality for the buck, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Overall, other than color selection and the price of the paint, the main difference between all brands is how the valve feels when you spray. It’s important to know the difference between Flame Blue and Flame Orange and Dang Prime and Dang Hiflow. Flame Blue is Low Pressure and Flame Orange is High Pressure while Dang Prime is Low Pressure and Dang Hiflow is High Pressure. Molotow Premium is simply Low Pressure.

Now, for the Low Pressure cans, Molotow has the softest feel of them all, then Dang Prime is rather medium and Flame Blue has a slightly higher presure then Molotow Premium and Dang Prime but still remains a low pressure can. Flame Orange and Dang Hiflow are High Pressure and it is quite uncomparable to the other Low Pressure brands.

In general, High Pressure cans are great for painting fast and for large scale graffiti such as street bombing. It’s perfect for tags and throw ups. On the other hand, Low pressure paint will allow you to go slower and do finer details, so it’s better for burners, wildstyle pieces, murals, characters and 3D effects.

Another factor to consider is longevity. Molotow Premium is well known to stand strong against the sunlight and water. One thing for sure, no paint lasts forever on exterior surfaces but some brands are certainly more weather resistant than others.

At the end of the day, there is no better brand of paint, it really depends what you need it for. Below are a bunch of videos to see the paint in use!