I write SPUK 210 and I am into graffiti since 2008.
In 2010 I finally started to take writing way more serious so I decided to choose the name SPUK because of the letters, especially the S and the meaning of the name…I really like creepy and horror stuff.

My hometown is nearby Hanover / north-Germany and we have great flat nature around here.
But in my opinion, it´s often very windy and I hate wind so much.

As a young writer, I admired the guys around Hanover city who were very active in style writing like Crak, Viak, Snir, Raw, and many more.
Then after I discovered the internet for using positive aspects of graffiti I was very flashed by people like Skore79 and Ashmore.
But there are a lot of influences in my style I think.
I really love the classic old school vibe mixed with modern elements.
That’s why I do not bright outlines that often because I remember the classic NYC flavor looked like comic stuff.
But in the end it is about having fun.
I will try to do less pressure on me and my pieces…it destroy sometimes the good feeling for me.

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