Hi, my name is STAR 97.

I have been writing since 1997, I’m a member of EPK and PCC crews and I am based in France, in the eastern suburbs of Paris. There are many graffiti artists that I admire but the ones that inspire me the most are certainly Totem, Geser, Motick and more recently Eter.My style? I don’t really know. Haha. What is certain is that I like things to be clean, with a simple but effective visual impact. I like that my letters are well-calibrated and readable, I spend a lot of time preparing and sketching my pieces to find a balance in each of my letters but also that the name that I write is balanced in general as well. It’s a pleasure to send you these few words, I’ve been following Bombing Science and you guys are truly a goldmine for global graffiti!


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