My name is Stela Ones from Mad Girls Crew, I been painting 10 years. I’m from North Bay, CA which is a more suburban part of the Bay Area so I grew up in a scene with a lot of piecers and not much bombing. I looked up to crews like Lords and WST crew and wanted to be a dope female piecer, when I first started I didn’t know any women who painted Graffiti and I mostly stuck to painting with men in my small local scene. In 2018 I joined Mad Girls Crew and started building a solid network of female writers as well as began actively bombing Oakland CA. Right now i aspire to be a solid bomber, who paints streetside burners and a piecer who can paint in graffiti events. I never want to have just one style or lane when it comes to graffiti, I wanna do it all.

Action shots by Bazookafilms77

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