I started writing in the summer of 2002 with my friend Sem and some other members of the IWS-Crew from Halle Saale, Germany.

My first influence were More189 from Halle Saale and writers like Cantwo and Atom. Furthermore the typical L.A. Style from the CBS crew inspired me to do some sharp “tribal” styles because I was a Metal Head at that time and graffiti often looked too soft to me back then. I wanted to do something more edgy 😉

I’ve never changed my alias but over the years it’s hard to try something different with the same name – I tried square pieces, I tried round pieces but in the end it always came back to the sharp shit with the sharp outline that has to fit on the first try.

The outline is the most important thing! The outline is the style. You can pimp a simple or a whack letter with effects and background bullshit and some shit your grandma would like. But the point for me is that when it burns black/silver then itís on point.

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