Been writing since 2004-2005 so about 14 years.

I’m based out of the San Francisco peninsula which is where I would see ‘pon1’ and ‘UGS crew’ up everywhere before I even really got into graffiti heavily so they had an influence on me when it came time for me to start doing so.

A few folks I can think of off the top of my head that I think are super dope from there past work till now are:

Renos htk, Jurne tge, Mear one, Atlas, Craola CBS, Read more books, Fokis tvc, Ramr ugs, Astro CBS, Korea kog

My style came about being born and raised in the west coast it’s always had flavor from all over but I always appreciated the style that was born here a little more cause that’s our thing,, the more aggressive sharp style,, growing up my older cousin was a real cholo (free Chico) and my uncle a Pachuco so Chicano imagery and lettering styles always been in my mind being in the neighborhoods seeing people representing on the wall. The first few years of me painting I woud paint a lot cleaner and go for a more crispier approach but in the back of my head I really wanted to paint more sharper and rigid stuff I just didn’t know how to apply it,, then one night I think this was in 2009 my boy and I are walking thru his neighborhood in daly city and we come across 3 people painting a truck. It was plant trees, tank and skilo visiting from southern Cali,, i started talking to them and started to realize the way they were painting I’ve never seen anything like it up until that point,, I was silent with my mind blown lightweight,, to see them doing it in person as well my approach at painting changed completely after that so instead of trying to paint perfect clean lines and repeating the same chisel tip marker tag outlined getting as clean as possible like our city buildings and structures I gravitated more toward what flows out naturally to me an organic equation of expressing myself on a wall,, I know it’s Not for everybody and a lot don’t like the style (I respect everyone’s style) and it’s what feels right to me,, not much thinking involved cause im rarely staring at a sketch stressed out and overwhelmed,, the process is just letting it flow out and not over thinking any choice when painting which is a great feeling. To me perfection ain’t  about control at all,, it’s about being able to let go.

Shout out to all of ugs that’s my straight family right there been Rollin with them for ten years now and love every single one of y’all.

So honored to be from CBS as well, a lot of the og’s took their time to really get know know me for a few years before putting me down and I would’ve have wanted that any other way,, all the members that have put me up on spots and walls across the states I’ve visited I appreciate you.

Much love to anger and bleek for just being who they are.

Joins dtcbs is the most humble writer I know especially for how much work he puts in.

Gw crew.

Chiefs crew (my San Jose goons)

Special shout out to 

Saze one macka spectacula semen in your moms jugular vain like Dracula 

Jamer ugs 

Myan ugs always tryna make me laugh 

Emar dasher and torch cause we’ve all remained family since elementary school and started writing together.

My mom for always being cool with me writing knowing it’s something that makes me happy. 

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