I write Swerve One. I’ve been writing since 1991. Providence Rhode Island is the Place I rep. I grew up seeing style by TC-5 they had work running on the highways in the mid 80’s (anybody with photos from that time period please get at me). There were many other pockets of writers out here at that time. 2 that stick out as well were Gem and Pex. So my influences are TC-5, T.D.S. ,A.O.K. and T.M.T. among others from the time period of the early 80’s train writers. Much respect to you all. So my theory on style is strength of tradition, bounce, stance, flow, strong letters are what matter to me, that is all until further notice. Peace to all the crews I represent. All love to my wife and kids. Straight up. Thank you for this opportunity keep doin your thing.


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