Aye, I’m Swych and I’m based in Charlotte, NC

I messed around with letters years ago but never really took it seriously till a few years ago! Having a blast doing it!

When it comes to my style, I try to take inspiration from all around me and other writers I paint with and look up to such as Obsoe(TCP, LTF) Jeks (Lords) Overt (UM) Gus Cutty (Lords,CBS) Redes (DIB, Lords) Seanski, Tuke (DF, Creatures, AK) I’ve learned a lot from these guys.
I try to keep my letters fairly simple with a little bit of connections and then some flex here and there! Adding characters from time to time is always fun. Always trying to evolve and grow with my style as well as learn and absorb as much as I can from others!

Other writers that I look up to and have crazy
style are Perve (Lords) This (TCP, PFE) Ziloe (WDK) Timber (MFK, TM) Ester (DIB) Optek

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