I’m Sygma (KDSCrew, IGMCrew) from Germany and I started Graffiti writing in 2011. I was influenced by old school Graffiti pieces and characters that I saw in my hometown Goettingen when I was a child. I like elaborated styles that are based on solid but funky letters. It is always my purpose to reinvent my letters and to work on a strong style – mostly embedded in concept walls with a nice background and character additions. Recently I try to add more elements so it gets wilder and the letters get more in touch with each other. I’m a huge fan of Geser, Miedo, Kaisy and Sofles. But I also like the styles from Nesh (Poland), Chips (UK) and Pokar (Germany). Since I’m not only doing stylewriting I want to mention other impressive artists whose artwork I admire: Pener (Poland), Robert Proch (Poland, R.I.P), Wes21
(Switzerland) and Antistatik (France).

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