It seems like I’ve been writing for ages… but honestly my first piece (if you could call it that) was around 1996. I’ve had periods where I walked away, somehow I think I blamed graff for some of my personal problems but as I’ve matured I’ve realised that was just my shit… graff actually saved me from more troubles I think… having to maintain and develop style requires ones mental and physical life to be somewhat in order. When I get to loose on the drugs and alcohol, as I do… it can effect my art and drive, in my case I lose my creative ability. So in actual fact, graff has probably pulled me back in line several times that I was trying to get way out of control.

I think if graffiti is in you it’ll always come tap you on the shoulder and bring you back… there is no escaping lol.

I will always say that my style of graffiti is heavily New York influenced. I was influenced by guys that were influenced by NY style, they instructed me to look at the early subway graffiti… to this day if I told you my favourite writers you would be able to see direct lineage in style from New York, it’s that style that I hunger too see continue.

These days I am based out of Newcastle, Australia the home of my beloved MIA brotherhood… (love and shouts to my guys).

Finally it was explained to me a while back by a writer I admire that when designing graffiti you are in essence designing a font… elements of this font should continue throughout your design, it creates an overall balanced composition and will assist in developing your style… if you can’t write the alphabet in your style there is something missing…

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