I am based out of New Orleans coming from a good long stay in Denver. I am reppin’ *YSI*

I have been writing since 2002 then got heavily involved in 2005, going nonstop getting arrested year-by-year since I was 15. My style has developed at looking at many of older writers in the streets. Harsh*D30*showed me what it meant to be up, and all city. 

I met  Task*Thoughts manifested* in 2013 where I started to change my mentality towards piecing. 

Living and loving into throw ups,i  developed my throwie over the past 10 years, to where I finally feel  good with it.

Some of the writers that I look up to are Swek*D30*,Dr.Daks*network*, Reft *LD*, Eli*NSf*, Jive*Df and Emit.

Others that I admire are Shewp*Hod.Rtd*, Meek*topmob*, Jher*Dc5.Rtd*, Serjewlery*topmob* and Bugs. Because of their personalities on and off the streets. Letting me know that no matter your age or location, You can always make a difference in your daily activities. Showing the youngins how it should be done. Off the computer.

People that I think are keeping the streets alive with throwies are Yovoy*Jdi*, Oger*vrs*. I belive this is literally the blood and bones of graffiti.

I have recently learned more about the yard near me and how it moves. Understanding the train scene is totally different, and  I give huge ups to Goose*Sfr* and Kovet*Ba.Rtd* for really making the scene to what it is today.I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. But I have a bunch to learn.

Live and learn.

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