I’m Tears /RNS/ from Budapest / Hungary based in Amsterdam / The Netherlands
I started dealing with graffiti in 2003 with my friend.
In the beginning just for fun. We didn’t even knew, what we are doing actually.
Step by step i learned how is going, sometimes in my own skin, but its comes with the hobby. You have to take the risk for what you are doing.
I was just a stupid teenager, who wrotes tags and paint bullshits in abandoned places, until when i did my first train in 2007, it changed everything.
I became addicted.

I’ve been inspired from Moses/Taps,Abis(Berlin), Opak Derick(SPK) and few more. Dirty handz was also very motivating.
Im, not that kind of writer who cares about how you paint and how much, to be honest.
I care more about who you are. Im quiet antisocial and i can decide after few minutes talking if i want to spend more time on you or not. I dont care about systems or the fame. I just want to hit the types what i like.

I think, real graffiti is should be on steel. If its not rolling it’s just ‘ehhh’
I dont say, that walls are shit, i do sometimes, but i leave it for the ‘wanna be writers’. Its just like the football. Nobody wants to play in the second division, better in the champions league.

As closing, high five to these true guys: Woup-Bako/IZM/, Fertz-Miata-Serak-Skam/RNS/,Sigh/DRS/ Omce, Klais/UGR/, Chaos/RFC/, Tengo/Bros/
Noisr, Sole. wish you bro’s atleast 1000 years.

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