Yo! I paint TEIGR since 2006, I come from the side of Montpellier in the south of France, I am part of the wsk, ht, gek crew, Big up to them.
At first, it’s vandal, chill, club, with a few friends. One day I buy a good color pack and I paint a graffiti in an abandoned place. This is the day I want my style to become more and more complex. For my inspirations
It’s not easy to talk about it because graffiti is constantly evolving, my first artists whose work I admired and who influenced me in my first sketches were can2, dare, atom and many others, the period scenes were crazy. Today there is no longer necessarily a code, there is really a lot of different style, new color, new vibe, from wilstyle to ignorant style.
I consider myself to be versatile. the letter is my priority, I like the perfected, adding phases, you need flow what!
Painting with the brothers is the best, it’s cool to share moments, learn techniques … I also like to paint with guys whose style I appreciate from France or elsewhere.
All the surfaces are good to paint, from the wall, the train, the metal blind, I love it hahahah!

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