I go by the name of Teknyc (Technique) I’ve been writing for about 12/13 years. Down with IBM, FC, FBA, XMEN, 156 All Stars, KD & Skill Methodz. 

I’m a Bboy first & foremost. That’s how the pseudonym “Teknyc” came about. I’ve been breaking for 23 years. Down with a crew called Skill Methodz. 

I always looked at graff before I started writing.  EwokOne 5MH, Ceaze MSK & myself lived in a building in NJ 15 years ago.  They were the first brothers to teach me the foundation of graff. 

I already knew Teal, View, Dash & Doze from the Bboy scene. That’s where the IBM, FC connect came about. 

As a Bboy the IBM, FC & TC5 style appealed to me the most.  I could see the parallels between traditional NYC Bboy style & NYC graff style. 

Some of my favorite artists are Dash, Teal, West, View, EwokOne, Ceaze, Sye, Doves, Serve, Zear, Ghost, Cope2, Doze Green, Ces, Bates, Wane.   

There are some other peeps I’ve been introduced to their work through social media that are nasty too. Taste, Musa, Tars, Sneke, Tones, Hews.  So many really but, you get the idea.  These are all style masters. 

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