What’s good I write TENSOE2. I’m from the east side of Toronto, Canada. Repping Scarborough till the day I die. I picked up a can in 99 and dabbled with a few different names for years before ending up as TENSOE2 in the late 2000’s. My Crews are ACK (founded by me, NOZER and CHEST in 2008) and ABM which is based outta Ottawa. 

The last few years I’ve been fortunate enough to paint and travel with some people I’ve looked up to for years. Which means I must be a nice guy or something cuz I’m not on the same level as these people at all hahaha. A few names include SCANER R.I.P, AGENS, SMAK, SIGHT, KEM5, BACON, SEWK, SELEK, REKAL, SNIKR and the list goes on and on. Too many amazing people to name…

I’m blessed to know all the people in my life and am excited to push myself alongside many of them this year. Got a feeling 2018 has big things in store!
Keep ur eyes peeled for whats next!
The adventure continues…
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