I’m Terz (Made Men Crew) from Freiburg in Germany

There was a small boy in the age of 13 painting his first piece with a bunch of his heroes in the bicycle storage of his school… Now im 30 and still fascinated about graffiti.  In the beginning i started with the name onis, now switched to Terz. 

I´ve been influenced by some regional stuff from the south of germany but also lots from switzerland, like dare and smash. Try to keep my style simple, clean and readable, with an oldskool touch. Also giving the letter a soul is important for me. Love to travel and to paint in other countries, with local writers and local cans. Looking for a good spot and to get some paint ist sometimes not that easy. 

Lets have a look, what the future will bring. Want to paint and travel more or travel and to paint more… i don´t know. 

Thanks for your attention and muchos saludos to my crew, my heroes from the past (Hiks, Jnr crew, sf crew, bfa crew) also the local matadors from Freiburg I’m Breisgau, Germany and my man Heks 

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