WHAT UP! WHAT UP! Bombing Science! I appreciate you guys reaching out and taking an interest in me and what I do.

First, before anything, the name is TESOE. Pronounced just how it looks. Not “TEA-SO” for the record, since a lot of MFs don’t know how vowels and syllables work now-a-days. Representing that 004 CREW aka THE NIGHT SHIFTERS aka TALK SHIT GET HIT!

I’m based straight out of the 305. MIAMI DADE COUNTY. THE BOTTOM. Home of the slugs and donks. Where you could be in a spot bombing while watching 8th street latinas working the corner, homeless mfs breaking into whips while the out of town dope boys and scammers zoom by in luxury convertible rentals with strippers twerking. All simultaneously. It’s a beautiful thing. Miami is a melting pot where you could finish bombing at 6am, have a colada and croquetas, and still have time to hit the club, pop a bottle and celebrate life. I love my city no matter what – they don’t call it the MAGIC CITY for nothing!

I’ve been into graffiti practically my whole life. As young as elementary school until today. However, I was never an active writer until I was about 16yrs old. Of course, I wrote under a different alias during my toy era, which I’m sure we’ve all been there before. All in all, I would say I’ve been writing for a cool 15 yrs with my last 7 being my most successful and active years with no regrets whatsoever.

Growing up in Miami wasn’t easy, especially getting kicked out of so many schools. But being expelled was like a blessing in disguise. I was put into an alternative school called J.R.E LEE which was basically a magnet for graffiti writers from all over Miami. Ironically enough the majority of all these bad ass kids that ended up there were all into graff. I remember my first day, in the cafeteria seeing all these kids passing around black books and ripping off the pockets of their Jan Sport book bags to paint the front of it with Deco markers. I loved everything that came with it. The shit talking, the fights, dodging police, the energy that went into trying to get your name to stand out the most. Graffiti definitely fueled me and was life changing on some many levels.

I used to ride the bus a lot as a teen and because of that I was able to see a lot more of the inner city neighborhoods and see spots that were done by cats I looked up to like FREEK DAM crew who had all the big canal spots on lock. Never knew how he did it and I used to think the fucking guy could walk on water or something lol.

Back in the day, we didn’t have the social media platforms we have today, but I remember always being on ART CRIMES and looking up styles from all over. Definitely Saber and Nekst (RIP) stood out for me the most. As a more developed writer now, I gotta give my respects to the ones that showed me the ropes: 9TEEN, CRIS1, TICOE, VERSE, and MEPS. They all definitely played a major role in influencing my style in one way or another.

I always enjoyed the mystery that surrounded graffiti, which is why I always try to paint hard to get kind of spots. I like to make people scratch their heads and think ‘how tf did he get away with that?!’. I feel like graffiti should always be about that “whoa factor”, always going big and taking it to the next caliber. I’m in a constant competition with myself because my last spot is never good enough for me. I will forever have the itch and voice in my head that makes me feed into that endless chase that I believe keeps us all going.

Keep doing your thing Bombing Science!



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