I am Theron and I am a graffiti artist from the Netherlands who started in 1993. At that time there was no internet and bought two graffiti books which I studied every day. I was sketching all the time and discovered some local writers Saer and Sprite (retired). Those two were my Kings and I think a lot of kids like me adored their work. Back then I did a lot of commissions and legal walls because I was the only one in a small village who did graffiti. I like a readable style mostly…Haha but some of my latest work is pretty wildstyle…but if you know my style you can find it easily I think in the wild colors. I had a break for 12 years until 2019 when I started again sketching and painting on legal spots. I learned from Smoe Nova his shadows and way of painting. He is a great guy btw and does a great job for the graffiti scene. I like my style as it is right now. But I am still looking for improvement in colors, additions and backgrounds. I don’t know if I will be able to be satisfied with my style ever. That urge is What drives me to go on improving and changing. Change is a good thing. Legal walls are not safe anymore for respected kings of there time…some changes can’t be stopped …let’s respect each other and color the world together.

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