Hi! I’m an Italian writer from near Venice. The tag that I use to distinguish myself is THETA, which is a letter from the Greek alphabet. I’ve been painting/writing since 1997 and my style has been influenced from the classic “New York Wild Style” with of course, some personal touches. I try to keep my lettering work dynamic, alternating soft and straight lines so to keep it clean and fresh. I normally use a black background onto which I then add shades and bold colours to recreate something abstract and aesthetically pleasing.

I don’t work with a crew as I’ve never feel the need to belong to one. Over the years I have been inspired by a different artists: BATES, CAN TWO, SMASH 137 and TASTE. Although my favourites are: SEMOR,RUBIN,BOND and PANTONE since I find their work less “traditional” and I admire the research and the experimentation that they put into it.

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