My name is Timber Bionic. I’ve been writing graffiti since 94’. My primary focus for the past 25 years has been Painting the North American Rail system. The focus of my work has been in “abstraction” and the use of shape or shard letterforms. The Tm crew & MFK have been a huge influence on that side of me, giving me the opportunity to shine alongside people with similar mindsets. I pull a lot of my influence from 1980s & 90s culture and the eras I grew up in. I try to keep my graffiti playful and fun, with an underlying ability to show an evil or wicked side as well. This year I moved in more of a 3D direction with my “Wildstyles” moving in a Full Mechanical look. It’s been a challenge but opened up another avenue to peruse as I try to keep my graffiti moving and evolving.

Paser & I have a dual show this November 3rd. We’ve worked really hard at bringing a fine art look and feel to our graffiti roots. It’s a graduation step of sorts. I feel like we are bringing something that no one has seen us do before and in a more formal setting. -Timber

11-3-23 7pm 4150 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati Ohio