Hello, my name is TINER. I am originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I started doing graffiti in high school, in 2006, influenced by my friends who were in my class and are part of the neighborhood where I live, there we formed REB crew, which is the crew of my neighborhood, where I live, where are my best friends . My biggest influence when all this started was EYOS crew, a very representative crew of my city, (today I belong to this team) especially DYAL, who was the one who taught me most of what I know today. With the passage of time I took other influences, most of them from the USA, since it is our neighboring country, the most important for me growth were MSK crew (revok, augor, steel, aloy …) other great influences for me They were LTS, KOG crew, from Los Angeles California, being one of the crews to which I belong today. Personally I like wild style, I really like the structures of the letters and I pay a lot of attention to the style, I have always thought that it is not necessary to put a thousand colors or effects in a piece, if the piece has a strong style and solid, just have two colors to highlight. Much respect and peace for all.

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