TONE1 Crews too many to name but 3F,ENDS,GAK etc NYC writer born and bred outta Queens/Bklyn. I Started writing at an early age 1994 has its impact on me. I wanted to see more VFR,Ket,Ghost,DUEL,BRUZ etc Clean trains!! I started making markers and racking paint with Ski and Pane back then! I’m a neighborhood writer! Never went allcity but did my thing enough to get recognized. I quit in late 90s due to many complications with drugs and the law and even rivals only to resurface 10yrs later w/ a family and job of my own as a grown man. I didn’t bomb too hard but again enough that my peers noticed. I picked up piecing by mere casualty 2007 hooked up with Ski again and said f$&k it why not?

Umm as far as styles and letter structure I dig some like BIS outsiders,Bruz(rip) Hush,MadMax(rip)VFR,Jew bt,ABE kis,Chino,Ribs GAK, and a few others out on the west I like ENDS crew those boys got style! Um but I love all facets of grafitti from bombing to piecing to fine art if it’s done right and not watered down.

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