My name is TonerTwo, I’m a french girl living in Brussels, Belgium. I discovered graffiti when I was just a teenager, in the early 2000s’. At first, I spent a lot of time sketching, doing name exchanges and battles on the internet, discovering the hip-hop culture, and looking around the streets of my hometown. After high school I moved to Paris, where I met my friends Nuaj and Hemsy and really started painting. The OTZ crew was born we were young and not really good, but very dedicated to improving. At that time many people inspired me, especially French and Swiss writers such as Serval, Dare, Persu, Gorey, Gris… Since 2008 I live and work in Brussels. There is a very nice and fresh graffiti scene around here, and it has given me a new kick to get back in the game. My personal style has always been all about the letters and the flow, trying to find a good compromise between the quality of the solo letter and the dynamic of the global shape. That’s why I keep sketching -and erasing- a lot. Once I am satisfied on paper, I can go painting. I try to do complicated but still readable letters, I put them in a sort of frame, with contrasting colors and often a touch of flow. Legal walls, abandoned factories… I mainly enjoy being able to take my time and to meet new people because I find it very interesting to observe and analyze how different writers paint. Thanks to Bombing Science and big up to Kawet, the OTZ brothers, the FHA guys, and all my Belgian graffiti friends.

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