I write “Tripe”, I was born, raised, and still live in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg. I have been actively drawing since 2014, prioritizing quality pieces on all kinds of surfaces and places, travel graffiti, and developing my style.

There are many writers and all sorts of artists who influenced me at the beginning of my journey and just those whose works still delight me. There is no point in writing about each, so I will single out the special ones, in my opinion, these are Soten, Smash137, Sofles, Chas, Sukoe, Cyrus, Nick, Roks, guys from Abs, Msk.
Each issue of StyleFile magazine is very inspiring.
I really like working with letters (although sometimes I draw characters), their connection with each other, harmony, readability and a minimum of color – so far this remains the main components in my style.
In plans of travel, drawing and new acquaintances.

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