TRIPL – I started tagging and piecing walls in 2001, did my first train in 2002, and been in love with the train game ever since. I can’t imagine a life without it. I’m mostly active in The Netherlands, but love to travel around the globe for some graffiti adventures too.
If you ask me about style, I can really appreciate it when people have a clean and simple, yet swinging and recognizable style. That’s what I’ve been trying to work towards to in my own pieces. In my early years I used to look at the pieces of Right (TRT EVK). His letters were often simple, but full of style. For years I managed to make simple letters, but somehow they always remained stiff, not swinging at all. It was so frustrating! At some point, I’d say in about 2012/2013, I finally found a bit more of a flow and it evolved into the stuff I’m making now. The last couple of years I’ve been pretty satisfied with my style and got a little lazy to improve I have to admit. When people tell me I should sketch more and try to make different letters, I totally agree. But right now, improving my style isn’t my priority. I’m putting my creativity more in creating something different and/or conceptual, rather than making just another ‘regular’ piece on a train. For example I’ve been making tribute pieces to every single piece from Subway Art, that was quite a project. My new ‘thing’ at the moment is making stop motion and optical illusion pieces on trains, and who knows what’s next…

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