I’m based out of Riverside, CA. I write the name “U4EK” or Euphoric and I think I have been doing graffiti for about 5 -6 years now. Taken an eye for it growing up skateboarding going to hip-hop & punk shows, with the help of the internet websites like 50mm, Flickr, & now Instagram has definitely influenced my style and take on graffiti. Some of my heroes are ( JURNE, SF280, RIME, SOBEKCIS, CATGODS, ERNST) just too name a few. My style? – I get a lot of “what does that say” lately so I guess I’ve been doing some “dyslexic alphabet just having fun” type shit cuz I’m really not trying to hold back, graffiti isn’t meant to be a job, well to me it isn’t. I’m just trying too have fun and meet some cool people along the way.

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