I write Upae. I got into graffiti around 06 but didn’t really start practicing that seriously until around 2010. I’ve lived multiple places including Oakland, Chicago, New Orleans, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City, but currently I’m locked in a room under the Kabukicho district of Tokyo with a loyal army of waifu body pillows. I live off of discarded pizza crust, space dust, and hentai, and I rep CHARLES crew and YPC. 

I’m just a mischievous 10-year-old at heart. I have my fair share of writer influences and most of them are pretty west-coast oriented. Nowadays a lot of inspiration for my stuff comes from other interests outside of graffiti (Comics, floral carvings, titties, old movie posters). I still think a couple tabs and a long walk through deep space is the best way to true inspiration…..I’d rather live on Jupiter with Komi-San than sit around on earth any day, but painting graffiti is the closest I can get for now. Thanks for tuning in and following along. 

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