I’m from the NorthShore of Boston, Ma. I’ve been writing for 22 years. My writing career started in Lynn, Ma. I went to school w/the founders of LMA crew but didn’t get put down until the summer after I graduated. Most of the ordinal heads quit writing in their early 20s so I took over the crew in 2005 and have been running it since. I moved to Miami in 2007 and brought LMA to south Florida where it really picked up steam. Im also down with MSG crew based out of Miami, those dudes have taught me a lot. I’m still in south Florida, but moved further north to West Palm Beach. I was influenced early on by local writers in my area like Crak, Del (free my mans, hold ya head kid) Seek,Came,Relm,Dizmo,Nejm ,Temp,Mise, Antoe,Infoe LMA, Lil Greg,3ways,Soul 4,Melo,Back,Jimmy Snaz,Hare,Joke and all my LMA and MSG brothers to this day. I think my style is a good mix of up north letter styles w/a twist of that bright Miami flavor in my fills and color choices. I’m big on letter structure. All the new technical stuff is alright I guess, but if that’s all you got and you can’t rock decent letters, then you’re just a “street artist” at the end of the day and that’s dead corny. Get well JERZ LMA, we’re all rooting for you bro.

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