What’s up everyone I write Vinse, Vinser, Vinny, Vinnyizm, Louie. I’m from Toronto Canada. Been writing since 08. I guess I would say my style is New York old school influenced. I was mentored by 2Teck a few years ago and he really schooled me about style and pieces. He introduced me to guys in Doh and they all influence me in different ways from letter structure to cleanliness and even to paying attention to details like strategically placing a shoutout or crew tag in a piece. Mostly when I’m painting I’m freestyling, I just feel like you get a different flow when painting a wall vs sketching it on paper. It feels looser and not forced. Some writers I admire these days are Stae2, Kash, Shok, CES, Zone, EDK crew, DYM crew and of course the DOH crew!!

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