VOID – I started out racking pens when I was a kid, wagging school, getting legs off people and breaking into places we shouldn’t cause we had fuck all better to do and I guess it’s around then I first got the bug. I did a bunch of tagging and a few crappy full colour pieces in my late teens but I fell into music for a long time. I always had that itch to paint though!

Got back into it around 2014 painting samurai mech characters and attempts at 3D followed a few years later. I’ve always loved 3D style and how it’s taken classic graff elements and come at them from a completely fresh perspective. It just looks more minimal, techy and futuristic.

I’m just trying to see how far I can push myself now. Full production walls, bigger concepts, more collaborations and incorporating AR into my work. I brought MAD crew together last year with Casem, Wuzie and Onyk hoping to link up with other UK based 3D writers and crews from abroad ’cause I know we have a good range of styles over here and I’d love to see more big 3D productions.

Influences have to be obvious ones like Pryme, Delta, and especially Daim for the older stuff, then the likes of Rate & Totem. I like a lot of the Central / South American guys like Dipstyle, Dovelz, Xearte, Mesin, Edmun. The French contingent is strong too Ares, Nova, Valer, Esra, 5.7 crew, there’s just so much good stuff out there. More locally Maes, Sphere, Focus, Title has always kept the bar high in my hometown. Big love though to Switch, Ekto, Loki, Spray Days Mike, Pilgrim & Flake too for the support this year.

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