Howdy! Waffle here! 🤠

Born and raised in the north of Sweden. 1000km north of the capital Stockholm. Up here i started writing with some friends from my Breakdancing crew over 20 years ago.Spraying freight trains in the midnight sun in the summers and wrestling with meters of snow to paint during the long dark winters. I borrowed my grandmothers analogue camera and biked around the city as a child taking pictures of all the graffiti i could find. Luleå had a lot of writers back in the days, a small town but have fostered a lot really great painters and artists over the years. 

For me graffiti is not just the painting, head around exploring nature with friends and find new spots out in the wild is the best. Follow some tracks to find a new freight spot or a tunnel with clean concrete is my kind of hunting 🙂

Nowdays i live in Malmö in the south of the country, a city full of writers and just 25 minutes to Copenhagen. So there is always fun stuff to paint and people to inspire you. The challange of writing your own name year after year and still come up with new ways to tackle it is what keeps you going, i have the double F:s in waffle, i both hate and love them. A lot of times i just want to throw them in the trash and write something else but its like an old family member now so i guess im stuck with them. Im always trying to clean up my style, keep it simple but still a lot of details. And find ways to paint it faster hehe, I have a bit of bad patience when i paint. 

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