Even though I started writing [graffiti] in 1983, but I’ve been aware it since ’78. People may not know, but I was originally born in London, UK and came to NYC when I was very young. I hadn’t really followed graffiti until I came the city. Now looking back, just how crushed the city was: thee was graffiti all over the walls and trains of New York City.Everything was so new to me when I moved to the United States and once I saw graffiti I immediately thought “This is Awesome!”

I’ve been painting consistently ever since for about thirty five years.
Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and paint at mural festivals in countries like Germany, Holland, Denmark, Austrailia, Norway and Japan to name few. Currently I am living and working between New York City and Holyoke in Western Mass.

To make ends meet, I make paintings, do commission work as well create client work and collaborations with brands like with Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Budweiser and RYU.

Some of my earliest inspirations are of course the legends and heavy-hitters of the NYC graffiti golden era: BladeTC5 ,Phase2, Duster ,T-kid ,SeenTC5, Mitch77, Dondi CIA and Tack FBA Nowadays I’m inspired by everything around me whether it’s travel, fashion, design, or architecture.

I’d consider my style now is kind of dyslectic, it changes a lot depending on the way I decide to twist shapes to create letterforms.
My fine art is takes cues from abstractionism as I choose to deconstruct letter forms and explore the harmonies and antagonisms between geometric shapes.

My last words go out to the to younger artist out there: learn the art form from everyone before you and anyone willing to share their experience with you.
Perhaps most importantly though, have fun with it and stay humble.

Peace Wane One Cod

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