I write WARE UKC ERAW142 iv been writing for 23 years i got in my crew back in 1999 outta Whittier ca SE LA . growing up i looked up to my big bro ARIZE UKC & ERACE UKC TRACE UKC,I always liked an looked up to ATALS CBS,& All the LORDS CREW , saber the MSK AWR CREW , & all the old skool funk from NYC. I’d say my style is definitely influenced by old nyc an old LA style mashed together but i forsure love having my letters looking sharp like a sword⚔️like a Samurai in fighting stance. I’ll forever have letters in my head moving around bending like arrows ever witch way , I just love painting from trains walls canvas fresh brick tunnels subways everything everWARE
R.I.P. to my lil bro REMO UKC

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