My name is Ware. I am from Valladolid, (Spain). I started writing 19 years ago and since then graffiti has always been part of my life. Thanks to that I have been able to meet many people. Some are now great friends, such as “Sene” and “Smak” (RIP) who have been my great references in Valladolid, my city. I started writing with my friend Nero, who taught me the ins and outs of the world of graffiti. For me, it is a way to express myself personally, both in difficult times and in good times with friends, especially with Baros and Moek. With them, I share the same way to understand graffiti and write with them is great. I currently write a lot with Zosak and Rhoke, from Zamora. I am also part of groups of writers such as “Gorillas” and “SDG”. I like many styles. From the well-done bombing to the purest Wild Style. I love the 90’s style. The one I drank in my beginnings. I really like international writers like Geser, Kems, Ces, Bates, Scien, to mention just a few of the many that I love. The letters are the leitmotif of my pieces and I almost always paint my name. I like powerful colors, but I also love the pieces in three colors or make a “Silver” piece. and I stay so good. My style has evolved over time, with seasons of pieces with more ornaments to the present, with simpler letters, with fat and clean edges. I try to paint as clean as possible. Finally, I would like to finish this short review about myself, thanking the interest that Bombing Science has dedicated to me.


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