I write WEAM, and the first time I had got involved with graffiti was through the album cover “Significant Other“. I really liked this style and started to sketch some of the letters. I joined some workshops and was able to learn a lot of different styles, designs and of course the history. Then a few guys from school took me out painting with them, just tags and throws for the first few years.

My main influence when I started painting was the local scene in my hometown. Today influences are more fragmented and come from all over the world.

I certainly had times where I didn’t paint so much but graffiti has always accompanied me. I like it when people are able to read my letters. I also try to come up with some interesting color combos.

I am based out of Berlin, and I think that Berlin is one of the most important graffiti cities in the world. I am very proud to be a part of it. Berlin has a long graffiti history, with many important artists. The city is constantly changing every day and I love that, cause of all the positive influences it provides me.

I get inspired by my friends and the energy they still put into it. I think it’s the best when you inspire and motivate yourself in your own little circle of friends.

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