Yooo! My name is WERT born and raised in Denver, Colorado. It all goes back to high school, I was sketching letters just for the fun of it but I didn’t have a name or had an interest for it. It wasn’t until I started riding my fixie in 2020 going under tunnels and crazy areas, that’s when I started noticing all the graf out there and caught my attention. I was thinking of what name I wanted to use and just saw wert on my keyboard and I liked it. So on May 3rd was when I officially picked up a can and went for it. From there I painted once a week, sketched everyday, experimenting different styles as i still am. I committed to it and always aimed to get better. It’s such a great feeling especially when that adrenaline hits. It was something i knew I wanted to get better at and when I saw the growth each month it made me feel good and I knew I was accomplishing something for myself. I could’ve not done it without having the support and constant motivation from my boys Fauksy and Ekro. As well as the great influencers I’ve met along the way, Sels VS And Revno SHR. Lots of thanks and shout-outs to those homies!

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