We asked some of the best writers in the game right now what they’re favourite piece the’ve painted in the past few years? So here it is:


I have specially no favourite pieces, but I would speak about the pieces which for me represent him more an evolution of a style to a research for my style, for the passage of a graffiti influenced by New York, in letters to the organic or mechanical treaty, set letters of which gives life to a shape, gives free rein to the imagination of the one who observes it.

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I really don’t have a “Favorite” piece. I am always trying to out do the last one. That’s what keeps it fun for me. One of my favorites was a piece I painted in Milan,Italy for the Meeting of Styles 2016

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I painted this red SPone last year. This one is so special for me, because this was the piece which convinced me to do the 3D Fill-in that I have been doing for the last few months.

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My personal favourite is a piece is called ‘IWEGUONENU’ which means to Ascend in Igbo (Nigerian) painted during the City of Gold Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015. It was an amazing experience.

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This is my favourite piece in 2017 because of the colour pallet and the shapes.

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