I write When.  I started really writing in 1999 although I had been flirting with various forms of vandalism since maybe around 1994.  I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and was immediately influenced by the local scene here.  Merz and Jaser/Rapes (RIP) probably having the biggest and long longest lasting influence on me.  I have always been a midwestern U.S. sort of a writer; taking a little from here and a little from there.  I love the classic new York style, the aggressive LA style, the simple SF style and also love those who break all the rules in creative ways.  I try to stay somewhere in the middle of that, though I’m getting more boring as I get older. Painting freight trains is still my favorite although its getting a bit more crowded out there recently.  Thanks to you, graffiti at large, and the DF, TA, and TSC crews for the love and support.  


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