Hello, my name is WIKED, I am a graffiti writer from Madrid (Spain). I started writing graffiti at the end of the nineties, in 1998 I made my first piece with the letters WIK and since then I have been adding letters until I reached the word WIKED.
I started writing graffiti influenced by writers from the south of Madrid, the area where I lived. The graffiti magazines and graffiti videos I saw have also had an influence on my style. I really liked the New York old school style (Dondi, Seen), Germany (Dare, Cantwoo) and Spain (Jace, Nem, Morse, Suso). But without a doubt the writers who have influenced me the most are friends with whom I have painted over the years such as Rals, Snab, Rulos or Ysen.
I don’t like to fit into any particular style, there are times I like to make pieces more round and other times more aggressive with arrows. I try to have my own style combining colors and resources in an original way.

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