Hello my name is WISH. Im from South London. (The South bit is important) … were different. Ive been dabbling in Graffiti since the mid to late 80s.

I was about 14 and living that lifestyle was hard, I was bombing, racking, sleeping out all night on missions. And my house was getting raided a lot. And nearly went to jail. 1989 Raves reached London, so I stopped bombing and went dancing instead… Cue Voodoo Ray… I Didn’t paint at all in the 90s, I had a son, and was involved in other shit, so graffiti had to take a back seat…. Say nuttin. As my son got older, I started getting back out there…

My style?…. It will be an eclectic mix of Original New York subway letters, old school London style… Influences from Europe… the Music im listening to…whilst still looking thugged out with a touch of Funk!!! (Sounds like a dessert)!!!

There’s a load of good writers out there, at the moment, too many to mention. For me Europe’s still smashing it, Style wise, Walls and Trains. I like Graffiti to look like graffiti. Letters, characters, clouds, bubbles, drips, not too perfect.. Keep it Grimey

Shout outs…. Relay!.. Shucks n Tizer… ID. All of ID.. Refa, Menace to Society.. Zenof KC, Clubs KC, the London Lot… All the Kings, the Toys, & the Anti stylers….. Keep it moving….

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