I write Wispa, and am a female graffiti/street artist from the south of the U.K. I have been painting for 2 years. I paint all over the country, and have painted in Miami (United States) and Barcelona (Spain) as well as London, Bristol, Brighton and other U.K. spots I like to hit. Writers that really inspire are the likes of: Miss Motel (40hk), Samer, Dime, Isie Ldn, Spat, Zoegen (Miss Buns), Sterling & Skore.

I still feel like I am on my graff style journey but I absolutely love euro style and also experimenting with my fillls and trying new outlines to progress. Sometimes I may have a set colour scheme in mind & try a different outline colour; or I might want to try something more free flow with fades, shapes and patterns in my filll. There are no rules. Painting to me is like a diary entry and how I feel at the time of being at the wall. I am also pushing to paint more characters as time goes on, something I love is when you try something new & it comes out better than you could of imagined. I am always pushing for the next level up and to hit as many walls as I can.

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