Everything’s about style, no one can argue with that. Style in graff in constantly being innovated and growing with so many writers coming into the game with different back grounds and various influences. We hit up some big players in the game right now and asked them how they describe their style and here’s what they had to say:


My style is an organic and mechanical fusion of the letter

rask style

For more of BABS work head to his site


My style and techniques can vary but I would say the structure is quite traditional with lots of kicks, arrows, connections and emphasis on flow

dest style

For more of DEST’s work head to his site


I would say that all my work has similarities in lines and shapes, they all have “pointy” edges and I play with gradient colors.

jazor style

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I would describe my style as Dynamic Abstraction (Dynamism)

For more of MEDIAH’s work head to his site


My style is pretty simple with readable letters , few connections and arrows but nothing wildstyle.

For more of RASK’s work head to his instagram


I’d describe my style as clean and evolving. It really depends on my mood at the time. I try my best to switch it up and keep progressing.

For more of SLOKE’s work head to his site


A colorful, clean and simple style, with 3D fillin at the moment.

For more of SPEED’s work head to his instagram