I’ve been writing for about ten years under different names and have been focused on writing Wyde since 2011. I grew up in Northern California, specifically in the San Francisco bay area. Coming up a lot of my early influences were writers that are members of crews I am now a part of such as Cesen, Aboo, Goser, Mref, Chan, Gory, Aneml, and  Atari. Some other influential people include 7seas, Germs, Sufer, Anice, Daer, Manos, Saytr, Dyal, Orible, Amend, Vogue, Keep, Rekn, Peros, Silencer, Resk, Resek and many more!  I don’t particularly know what kind of style I like or am into, but I’ve always really enjoyed seeing pieces from a lot of the TDK’s, ICP’s, MSK’s and Lords members. I love bombing the streets or highways, clean legible letters or fonts mostly; throwups and tags too of course.

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